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Qiteng Yongxing Glassware Company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting glass bottles, glass mugs, glass jars etc.  Especially Luxury Liquor Bottles for Gin,Vodka,Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Tequila and so on. 

We have been in Glassware industy more than 10 years, with 18 automatic production lines can produce 600000 bottles/mugs/jars per day.

All Qiteng Yongxin glasswares are made of BPA free Type-III Soda-Lime Glass, High Borosilicate Glass, you can rest assure on our quality and product safety.

We use Super flint Glass, Extra Flint Glass, Crystal Clear Glass, High-Whiteness Glass to produce different glasswares at different requirment.

We also undertake OEM and ODM orders and Provide free sample service. 


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