• Glass Candle Holder

            Get ready to play with candles – literally. Candlesticks, candle holders and candleholders are an instant way to add ambiance and character to your home, whether it’s a centerpiece for a formal dining table or a beautiful mantelpiece.      ...
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  • Ruby Pomegranate Cider Mulled with Clove, Cinnamon & Ginger Aroma – Vintage Charm 3.5″ 8oz Red Glass Jar with Lid

    Qingdao Qitengyongxin Glass Products Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer and exporter of glass bottles in China, has announced the launch of its new product – Spiced Pomegranate Vintage Charm. This 3.5″ 8oz Red Glass Jar with Lid is perfect for storing Gin or other Spirits/ Wine/ Liquor Bottle...
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  • Why Liquor is Mostly Packed in Glass Bottle?

    Why Liquor is Mostly Packed in Glass Bottle?

    why liquor is seldom packed in plastic bottles? There are many liquors on the market, and consumers who have a certain understanding of liquor will notice one thing: most liquors are packaged in glass bottles and ceramic bottles,  but almost no wine is bottled in plastic bottles Because the compo...
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  • What is  the Trendency of Glass Bottle?

    What is the Trendency of Glass Bottle?

    Technological changes in wine bottles, medicinal glass bottles In daily life can be seen frequently. Whether it is beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc, glass bottles are their good partners. These glass packaging containers have always been considered as good packaging materials because of their...
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  • Do you know what material sealed jars are better?

    Do you know what material sealed jars are better?

    There are many different uses of airtight jars, and they are often used in microwaves, preservation, refrigeration, and freezing in life. And it is suitable for storing all kinds of cosmetics, toys, food, spice , small hardware equipment and so on. So, Do you know what material sealed jars are be...
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  • About High borosilicate glass

    About High borosilicate glass

    Glass bottles, glass mugs, glass jars widely used in our daily life, However, what is borosilicate glass processed by a special process? If used in daily life, is borosilicate glass fragile? Let’s find out with Yongxin Glass. 1. What is borosilicate glass? High borosilicate glass is made by using...
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  • Yongxin Glassware at Contanfair

    Yongxin Glassware at Contanfair

    Hello, Greetings from China, Here is Qiteng yongxin Glassware Company, At present, we are attending 132TH CantonFair online, Welcome to Our living Room and take a look at our products. We are factory professional in Glass bottles Glass Jars Glass Mugs Glass Reed diffusers and so on . with more t...
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